Red Female: Fiera: Wyrmling


Female, Red Dragon Wyrmling, Lawful Evil

Age: 5 yrs Size: Medium Creature

HP: 65 AC: 17 Speed: 30’, burrow 20’, fly 60’x2

Passive Perception: 14

STR: 19 (4) DEX: 10 (0) CON: 17 (3)
INT: 12 (
1) WIS: 11 (0) CHA: 15 (2)

Attacks (5’ reach): 1 bite (5, 1d8); 2 wings (2, 1d4)

Breath Weapon: Fire, Every 1d6 rounds, 15’ cone. 6d6 damage. DC DEX 13 saving throw for ½

Skills: Perception +4, Stealth +2

Senses: Blindsight 10’, darkvision 60’

Immunities: fire


Fiera and her twin brother Fuego are the heirs to the only other strongly established, dragon-ruled province on the continent: Milohai. Milohai is an expansive province comprising coastal territory and a string of volcanic islands, south of Birmshire. Red dragons have ruled this area for a millennia and it’s centralized location in the shipping route between the eastern and western hemisphere has made them the most powerful and wealthy force in the world. However, their family is small- as they have kept their bloodline free from the dilution of any other creature, including other dragons. They have been content to reign over their territory and amass wealth in luxury without any expansion. They are not without interest in world affairs; and the curious news of Celadon’s rise has piqued their interest.

Upon hearing of Celadon’s quest in Birmshire, their family decided to send Fuego and Fiera as noble tributes to his campaign to subdue those still clinging to the feeble role of the remaining Wellington family. Fiera anticipates their presence being primarily an honorary gesture in this campaign. Even the rule of a fully matured green dragon means nothing to those in the bloodline of the Red Dragon. But, fulfilling a dignitary gesture is part of territory of her family.

Red Female: Fiera: Wyrmling

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