Red Dragon Female: Fiera: Young


Female, Blue Dragon Young, Lawful Evil

Age: 85 yrs Size: Large Creature

HP: 178 AC: 18 Speed: 40’, climb 40’, fly 80’

Passive Perception: 18

STR: 23 (6) DEX: 10 (0) CON: 21 (5)
INT: 14 (
2) WIS: 11 (0) CHA: 19 (4)

One bite, 10’ reach (10 to hit, 2d106 piercing plus 3d6 fire);
Two claws, 5’ reach (10, 2d66 slashing each)

Breath Weapon: Fire, Every 1d6 rounds, 30’ cone. 15d6 damage. DC DEX 17 saving throw for ½

Skills: Perception +8, Stealth +4

Senses: Blindsight 30’, darkvision 120’

Immunities: Fire


Background: After his return to Milohai, Fiera was pulled aside by her father.

“For years, we’ve allowed both you and your sister to have an equal part in the power of this family- but only one of you may ascend to the greatness of Imperial Ruler of Milohai. To us, you are equal. It is your decisions now that will distinguish which of you will remain to rule and which will be eliminated from our bloodline. Protect our line at all costs, but consider what place you wish to serve in it with your actions.”

Eight decades have passed, a blink of an eye to a dragon, and Fiera still seeks a way to eliminate threats to her own rule without undermining the structural security of her extended family or kingdom.

The news from Birmshire is that Celadon has gone into his second hibernation; leaving his warmage lover in command in his absence. An opportunity presents itself formed in innocence by her own dear brother.

“Dear sister,” he approached her one lazy summer afternoon, “would the wealth of Celadon’s territory not be a wonderful gift for our own family? And what a gesture to herald a new age of dual-reign would it be if we were to retrieve the most symbolic treasure of his hoard, The Windsword?”

Fiera slowly turned toward him, trying not to spoil the perfection of the plan in her mind. “Indeeeeed, brother….” she purred with feigned mild intrigue, “…this place is becoming so incredibly dull. We have no purpose here at the moment, so why not have some fun before we are tied to this paradise of ennui?”

The stage has been set. Though they are an identical match, Fiera is sure that, with the element of surprise, her brother can be easily dispatched in a quiet manner on grounds away from home.

Red Dragon Female: Fiera: Young

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