Green Female: Avarice: Young


Name: Avarice

Female, Young Green Dragon, Lawful Evil

Age: 85 yrs Size: Medium Creature

HP: 133 AC: 18 Speed: 40’, fly 80’, swim 40’

Passive Perception: 14

STR: 19 (4) DEX: 12 (1) CON: 17 (3)
INT: 16 (
3) WIS: 13 (1) CHA: 18 (4)

Multiattack- Dragon makes three attacks (bite + 2 claws)

Bite: 10’ reach (7, 2d104 piercing plus 2d6 poison)

Claw: 5’ reach (7, 2d64 slashing)

Breath Weapon: Poisonous Gas, Every 1d4 rounds, 15’ cone. 6d6 poison damage. DC CON 11 saving throw for ½

Skills: Dragon can breathe under water (amphibious); A Green Dragon’s elongated legs allow them to pass through underbrush/debris/rough terrain without penalties to speed. Perception +7, Stealth +4, additional +5 to persuasion and deception

Senses: Blindsight 30’, darkvision 120’

Immunities: Poison


Background: Avarice returned to her domain and began to carve out for herself a small but strategic lair. Positioning herself on a rocky passage of the main road, where the walkway narrows to only two men’s width with little visibility due to a great jutting of foggy bluffs, she began to build her wealth and sharpen her wits by creating complicated and terrible games for the mercenaries and caravans passing through. She has even amassed a small cult-like following who, from a distance, believe she is the earthly incarnation of a long-forgotten pagan goddess. They often sacrifice elves captured on the borders of the kingdom in exchange for the possibility of her protection.

Avarice has become a starkly beautiful, honey-tongued beast with a primal greed for wealth. Her vanity is not unfounded. The bards she has brought under her power, who sing songs of her silken siren voice, do not often exaggerate her sensual and terrifying affect on beasts of all races.

Avarice has begun to think of acquiring a mate worthy of siring her offspring- and her thoughts are daily more desirous of Celadon’s Imperial blood. The rumors of his love of that human warmage set her blood to boil. She cannot accept such a noble and powerful creature would even think to harbor thoughts of affection for a mere humanoid. In her mediations, she has become jealous of this Ryne Wayfare and this human’s presumption to create and proliferate such rumors at a time when Celadon has entered into his second sleep.

Avarice has made a decision. Securing her lair from potential thieves, she has set out to usurp Ryne’s position. Avarice control the kingdom in Celadon’s sleep, creating for him a great wealth, so that when he wakes- he will see treasure beyond imagination and, of course, the most beautiful dragon to have ever lived.

Green Female: Avarice: Young

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