Green Female: Avarice: Wyrmling


Female, Green Dragon Wyrmling, Lawful Evil

Age: 5 yrs Size: Medium Creature

HP: 49 AC: 17 Speed: 30’, fly 60’, swim 30’

Passive Perception: 14

STR: 15 (2) DEX: 12 (1) CON: 13 (1)
INT: 14 (
2) WIS: 11 (0) CHA: 13 (1)

Attacks (5’ reach): 1 bite (4, 1d102 piercing plus 1d6 poison)

Breath Weapon: Poisonous Gas, Every 1d4 rounds, 15’ cone. 6d6 poison damage. DC CON 11 saving throw for ½

Skills: Dragon can breathe under water (amphibious); A Green Dragon’s elongated legs allow them to pass through underbrush/debris/rough terrain without penalties to speed. Perception +4, Stealth +3, additional +3 to persuasion and deception

Senses: Blindsight 10’, darkvision 60’

Immunities: Poison


Background: Avarice is a cunning wyrmling enjoying the special privilege of being a green dragon in this new Age of Evil. She has no particular family ties, but has ventured out from her small area of forest to join forces with Celadon and to learn his masterful manipulation of these humanoid creatures first hand.

Avarice is a consummate liar and a master of double talk. She is not as refined as older green dragons, but she does enjoy the subtle games one can play with more intelligent beings- including other dragons. She has watched Celadon’s recent rise to power with admiration and aspires one day to rise to his second in command- if not his mate.

Celadon took notice of Avarice’s particularly special ability to manipulate others to the point of near insanity. At just the tender age of 3, she had already driven several elven hunters to madness in her territory who, without any further encouragement, in turn have made the road through her forest near impassable for House Wellington’s army supply line. In recognition of her work in the last two years, Celadon sent Ryne Wayfare, his second in command, to personally extend the invitation to Avarice in aiding his campaign to secure the fortified kingdom below the mountains. How could she refuse?

Green Female: Avarice: Wyrmling

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