Green Female: Avarice: Adult


Name: Avarice

Female, Adult Green Dragon, Lawful Evil

Age: 200 yrs Size: Medium Creature

HP: 205 AC: 19 Speed: 40’, fly 80’, swim 40’

Passive Perception: 14

STR: 23 (6) DEX: 12 (1) CON: 21 (5)
INT: 18 (
4) WIS: 15 (2) CHA: 24 (7)

Multiattack- Dragon can use frightful presence and then also may make three attacks (bite + 2 claws)

Bite: 10’ reach (11, 2d106 piercing plus 2d6 poison)

Claw: 5’ reach (11, 2d66 slashing)

Tail: 15’ reach (11, 2d86 bludgeoning)

Breath Weapon: Poisonous Gas, Every 1d4 rounds, 60’ cone. 16d6 poison damage. DC CON 18 saving throw for ½

Legendary Action: Dragon can take 3 legendary actions per long rest, choosing from the list below. She may only use one action at a time and only at the end of another creature’s turn.
Detect: Dragon makes a perception check
Tail Attack: Dragon makes a tail attack
Wing Attack: Costs 2 Actions. Dragon beats its wings. All creatures within 10’ must succeed a DC DEX 19 save or take 2d6+6 bludgeoning damage and be knocked prone. Dragon then flies up at ½ speed.

Skills: Dragon can breathe under water (amphibious); A Green Dragon’s elongated legs allow them to pass through underbrush/debris/rough terrain without penalties to speed. Perception +12, Stealth +6, additional +10 to persuasion and deception

Senses: Blindsight 30’, darkvision 120’

Immunities: Poison


Background: Life doesn’t always go as planned. Nearly a century ago, Avarice set out to destroy Ryne Wayfare- second in command to the Imperial Celadon- with the intention of positioning herself as the regent ruler during his sleep. Ryne was neutralized, but Avarice prefers to let the rest of the story fade into the insignificance history. After all, there were better choices for wealth and supremacy in her territory.

Avarice has, in the last century, solidified her control on her land and made a comfortable life of exploiting the humanoids requiring passage through her territory. However, her past involvements with the death of Ryne have caught up with her. After Celadon awoke from slumber he went into a rage over the circumstances surrounding the death of his mistress and demanded a fortune in compensation for his loss. A fortune Avarice is not so willing to part with…does this “legendary” ruler really think the dragon race will stand for his romantic entanglement with this humanoid creature? If she might be so presumptuous, Avarice will gladly serve her answer to this question to Celadon in person.

Green Female: Avarice: Adult

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