Blue Female Dragon: Eulogy: Young


Name: Eulogy

Female, Blue Dragon Young, Lawful Evil

Age: 85 yrs Size: Large Creature

HP: 153 AC: 18 Speed: 40’, burrow 20’, fly 80’x2

Passive Perception: 19

STR: 21 (5) DEX: 10 (0) CON: 19 (4)
INT: 14 (
2) WIS: 13 (1) CHA: 17 (3)

One bite, 10’ reach (9 to hit, 2d105 piercing plus 1d10 electrical);
Two claws, 5’ reach (9, 2d65 slashing each); 2 wings (+5, 1d4 bludgeoning)

Breath Weapon: Electrical/Lightening, Every 1d4 rounds, 60’ line (5’ wide) or 20’ cone. 10d10 damage. DC DEX 16 saving throw for ½

Skills: Perception +4, Stealth +2

Senses: Blindsight 30’, darkvision 120’

Immunities: Electrical/Lightening


Background: Having helped secure the kingdom in the Age of Evil under Celadon to begin, Eulogy returned to her own territory to continue her education.

Her mother passed ten years ago and she smoothly assumed the role of reigning over her expansive territory. The nomadic nobility of her land peacefully serve Euology out of fear for her beautiful and terrible vengeance, bringing her regular tribute from their best herds. She has created an iron control over the political microclimate of her territory by handsomely rewarding those who please her with their unconditional loyalty- and swiftly punishing those with the slightest opposition.

It was going so well until messages began to arrive- not from Celedon but from his lowly human warmage who had helped overthrow the human royalty at the start of the Age of Evil. She had always been fine with the passive requests of Celadon- whose command rarely required anything of her own resources. When Celadon slipped into his second slumber he had appointed this human as caretaker of his imperial realm. A human! Let Celadon do as he wishes, though she though the act disgraceful to dragonkind as a whole. A lesser dragon would have been a more appropriate appointment- but it was not in her right to question the Imperial Evil One.

Until these messages began to arrive. Messages demanding not just tokens of loyalty but taxation with so much vanity only a human would think to have had the indecency to request such things. Not just food and human labor, but gold and sapphires.

She would not stand for such demands, not when made by a mere human whose security in his own power had made him act out of his station. She began to hatch a plan to punish this wretched creature, to put him in his rightful place as a dragon’s servant, and to seek the installment of a more qualified applicant to stand in for the great Celadon during his sleep.

Blue Female Dragon: Eulogy: Young

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